Bishop’s 10th Anniversary Appeal

Dear Friends,

In 2010, Cathedral Ridge opened its gates as the camp and retreat center for the Episcopal Church in Colorado. Born of years of prayer and discernment, the vision was to gather people together from across the geographical, theological, and political divides of Colorado to a place that would inspire and promote evangelism, prayer, mission, and formation, while fostering reconciliation, renewal and a common purpose.  This is not quite how I imagined celebrating its 10 years of mission and ministry.

Before COVID-19 disrupted, I had planned to bring Mark and the twins to Cathedral Ridge this summer. The Rev. Kim Seidman and Elizabeth Cervasio had invited me to chaplain Family Camp. We were looking forward to intentional conversation with other parents – sharing the laughter and tears, the privilege and weight of raising human beings. My kids were excited to tackle the ropes course and ride the zipline. What better setting for celebrating Cathedral Ridge’s 10th anniversary than time together sharing in thoughtful conversation and outdoor adventures.

The saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” applies. Like so many things we have taken for granted, abstaining from camp this year only highlights its importance. When it is safe to gather again, how much more will we value coming together? How much more will parents need to reflect, through laughter and tears, what this past year has taught us about ourselves and our children? How much more will our children need to socialize without screens? How much more will this world need thin places where people can come away to reflect and connect deeply with God and one another?

Cathedral Ridge has adapted to COVID-19 in remarkable ways. Individuals and families are discovering its peace and beauty through their ministry of cottage hospitality. Area churches are utilizing its outdoor chapels for worship. Clergy and lay staff are invited to much needed respite stays, fees waived. In the coming months, a rotation of therapists and spiritual directors will spend time in residence, available to connect with any seeking professional support in such trying times.

I do hope and pray we can celebrate 10 years of camp and retreat ministry at Cathedral Ridge next year, but in the meantime, I ask your support this year. Revenue from bookings will be limited until it is safe to physically gather. Your gift will go a long way in sustaining our camp and retreat center through a challenging season.  The Cathedral Ridge board and I have pledged $5000 to match your contribution. We make our gift as a sign of hope for the future when we can gather again. Please join us in whatever amount you are able. You can make your donation in the following ways:


The Right Reverend Kimberly Lucas
Bishop of Colorado