In order for Cathedral Ridge to be a self-sustaining Center, where we can keep pace with the demand for our programs, the facilities need to be upgraded and new spaces built. We have set our hearts on the Center at Cathedral Ridge. These upgrades, enhancements, and new buildings are a way forward for us, brining people of all ages and all backgrounds together to share in faith-based learning, leadership development, and experiences to transform lives. In other words, to bring the Kingdom of God right here, right now. Below are listed our current building and upgrade objectives.

Expanded youth campus

This initiative is not simply about buildings but about the long-term transformation of the hearts and minds of young people. It reflects a major, long-term commitment by The Episcopal Church in Colorado to reach out to all young people—regardless of religious beliefs or ability to pay—especially those from underserved and at-risk populations. Because we believe this to be so important, The Episcopal Church in Colorado has committed significant, long-term financial and staffing resources to this work.

Youth Campus kidsSince 2010, Cathedral Ridge has served over 1,400 young people—not just from within the Episcopal Church but through collaborative partnerships with non-profit organizations that work with youth and young adults. The expanded youth campus will provide new recreational facilities that will greatly enhance the programs we are able to offer, and effectively double our overnight accommodations for youth—from  approximately 60 summertime beds to more than 100.

Plans call for expanded youth facilities that will include:

  • Summer cabins for youth and staff
  • Upgraded shower facilities
  • Expanded recreational program elements (trails, playing fields, basketball court, Frisbee golf, contemplative spaces, etc.)

Adult lodge and meeting space

Capital Campaign - Adult Meeting SpaceHospitality is at the core of the Cathedral Ridge experience. Every year, Cathedral Ridge hosts dozens of retreats, conferences, and family and community events—a mixture of religious and non-profit groups—which generate the core income that supports the Center’s youth and young adult programs.

By upgrading the adult accommodations, we will be able to extend our hospitality and provide services for more and more retreat and conference groups. The increased occupancy will help Cathedral Ridge become self-sustaining, and it will also expand our ministry to:

  • Bring people from the diocese, and all over the world, together to learn and grow in faith
  • Support the growth of The Episcopal Church in Colorado
  • Train leaders who come from faith and love to meet the challenges of serving their communities, churches, and the world
  • Provide a financial base for our outreach to youth and young adults

The facilities improvement plans calls for the renovation of Lupine Lodge (currently 22 rooms, double occupancy, with ensuite accommodations) to:

  • Reorient parking and entry in a more suitable location that will improve views
  • Create and furnish extensive exterior patio and gathering spaces


Arrival experience and circulation

We want to welcome the world to Cathedral Ridge with deep hospitality. Our arrival experience should be as open as our hearts and as peaceful as the space our guests are entering. To facilitate this we will make some simple and pragmatic changes:

  • New, more robust and visible signage from exiting the highway to entering the property
  • A new road on the property itself that will take guests up and behind Lupine Lodge to new parking and entrances
  • Connecting walkways between the lodges, dining hall, and outdoor patio spaces, along with new signage, to improve circulation across the Cathedral Ridge campus

Dining hall enhancements

Breaking bread and sharing meals is a way to grow together in joy. Plans include an expanded patio and deck for outdoor dining to increase the capacity of the dining facilities, take advantage of the expansive views, and provide for unique dining experiences.