Interested in bringing your group to our safe haven and gathering place where your participants can grow in faith and feel close to God, nature, and each other? Our year-round Center is designed for meetings, conferences, celebrations, educational opportunities and retreats.

  • Youth Events & Camps

    Youth Events & Camps at Cathedral Ridge Center

    This is a stimulating and sacred place where young people from different cultures, faiths, and economic backgrounds come together to share their gifts and values. We are here to support young people as they find a faith-based context within which they can build their lives.


  • Adult Events & Conferences

    Adult Events & Conferences at Cathedral Ridge Center

    Our programs for adults provide a sacred space dedicated to faith building, community building and stewardship in the splendor of God’s creation. Experience hospitality and transformation and deepen your connection to God and to each other.


  • Partner Offerings

    Partner Events at Cathedral Ridge Center

    We partner with groups from many faith traditions and from across the world to bring the welcome and inspiration to their events hosted at the Center at Cathedral Ridge. This is a place for celebration, growth, and learning in the rolling forested hills of Colorado. Come for the facilities, for the outdoor adventure, or for the Rocky Mountain setting and find a place where your mind, body and spirit are renewed.