Adult Events & Conferences

Welcome to Cathedral Ridge. We offer you events to develop as leaders, deepen your faith and commitment to a life in Christ, and grow yourself and your community. Come and experience our hospitality, varied offerings, mountain setting, and welcoming fellowship.

Adult Events - Church Development Institute

Church Development Institute – Year I and Year 2

Church Development Institute (CDI) meets at Cathedral Ridge four times each year. CDI is a two-year program for clergy and lay leaders to learn about developing their congregations in this rapidly changing environment. Teams from congregations across the diocese come and learn about leadership, self-awareness, and congregational systems and culture, as well as to worship together, share ideas, and create relationships throughout the diocese. For the last two years we have had two tracks of CDI each year to accommodate the 60+ participants.

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Adult Events - Congretional and Leadership Development Conferences

Congretional and Leadership Development Conferences

Each year, Lou Blanchard and John Wengrovius offer conferences for four to five congregations of the same size working on similar issues. These conferences provide the congregations with more individualized attention and consultation in congregational and leadership development. Over the last five years, we have offered five Transitional Size Conferences, two Small Church Conferences, two Pastoral Size Conferences, and one Large Church Conference.

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Adult Events - Partnership Vicars Retreat

Partnership Vicars Retreat

The Partnership Vicars have met on retreat at Cathedral Ridge for the past four years. This retreat time has been extremely valuable for the priests to talk about their unique position of caring for multiple congregations and training Licensed Lay Leaders. It has been a time of refreshment, development, learning, support, and sharing for these clergy.

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Adult Events - Standing Committee Retreats

Standing Committee Retreats

The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado works to shape and support the wider mission strategy for the Church in Colorado. They meet six times annually. In addition, they are committed to participating in an annual retreat at Cathedral Ridge to review, revisit, and strengthen their ministry together. This offering is open only to members of the Standing Committee.

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Adult Events - Lay Pastoral Leaders Retreat

Lay Pastoral Leaders Retreat

For the past two years, the Lay Pastoral Leaders have met at Cathedral Ridge for training, community building, and support. The Lay Pastoral Leaders are licensed lay leaders who are able to provide communion from the reserved sacrament. The Lay Pastoral Leaders provide spiritual leadership in small, rural congregations served by a partnership vicar when the partnership vicar is not present in their particular congregation on a Sunday. This meeting has been essential in developing this ministry for the diocese, for consistent training and support, and for leadership development for the lay leaders.

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Adult Events - Resort Conference

Resort Conference

In the fall of 2015, we will have a Resort Conference at Cathedral Ridge to share our ideas about how to have an effective and vital ministry in our Colorado resort communities. We are very excited about this conference, which centers on themes of the cultural dynamics of resort and recreational settings and developing the faith for the year-round community, being pastor to the whole community, ethnic and young adult workers, ministry to youth, stewardship and the complex economics of these communities, as well as partnering with other non-profits and congregations in the community. We will also have time for networking, rest and recreation, worship, and fellowship. Register early as there is limited space for this retreat.

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Adult Events - Episcopal Service Corp

Episcopal Service Corps

With a chapter up and running in downtown Denver, at Saint Columba House, and another chapter starting in the storied mountain town and ranching community of Steamboat Springs at Centennial House, Colorado Episcopal Service Corps is engaging young adults with a compelling program of spiritual formation, Rule of Life, and outstanding opportunities for service and reflection. In the process, Colorado Episcopal Service Corps is tapping into some of the most vibrant communities and churches in the diocese. Corps members in both locations will come together for prayer and retreat time at Cathedral Ridge during the program year.

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