Episcopal Church Offerings

The Episcopal Church in Colorado offers events that help individuals grow as leaders, deepen their faith and commitment to a life in Christ, and find respite from the busyness of daily life. Come experience a time of strengthening and renewal amid the exceptional beauty and hospitality of Cathedral Ridge. For more information, please contact the Faith Formation team at Faith@EpiscopalColorado.org.

Retreats, Workshops, & Conferences

Lenten Retreat: Yearning to Be Whole, March 22-24

Have you ever felt like you were living a divided life? Are you discouraged by our divided world? If so, you are not alone. Parker Palmer writes, “I yearn to be whole, but dividedness often seems the easier choice.”

Join us for our Lenten retreat, March 22-24, as we explore Palmer’s transformational ideas about “welcoming the soul and weaving community in a wounded world.” How can “circles of trust” help us reclaim a sense of integrity in our lives and foster wholeness in our relationships, our workplaces, and our work in the world?

Participants are encouraged to read A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey toward an Undivided Life, in preparation for our retreat discussions and reflections.

Lenten retreats at Cathedral Ridge provide time and space away from daily routine and cares so participants can delve deeply into themes of the season. The days will be framed by worship and nutritious meals and there will be time set aside for rest, self-care, prayer, confession and spiritual direction, and exploring the sacred space of Cathedral Ridge.

Registration closes March 15.

Questions: Please contact us at Faith@EpiscopalColorado.org.

Leadership Training

Adult Events - Partnership Vicars Retreat

Partnership Vicars Retreat

The Partnership Vicars have met on retreat at Cathedral Ridge for the past four years. This retreat time has been extremely valuable for the priests to talk about their unique position of caring for multiple congregations and training Licensed Lay Leaders. It has been a time of refreshment, development, learning, support, and sharing for these clergy.

Adult Events - Standing Committee Retreats

Standing Committee Retreats

The Standing Committee of The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado works to shape and support the wider mission strategy for the Church in Colorado. They meet six times annually. In addition, they are committed to participating in an annual retreat at Cathedral Ridge to review, revisit, and strengthen their ministry together. This offering is open only to members of the Standing Committee.

Adult Events - Lay Pastoral Leaders Retreat

Lay Pastoral Leaders Retreat

For the past two years, the Lay Pastoral Leaders have met at Cathedral Ridge for training, community building, and support. The Lay Pastoral Leaders are licensed lay leaders who are able to provide communion from the reserved sacrament. The Lay Pastoral Leaders provide spiritual leadership in small, rural congregations served by a partnership vicar when the partnership vicar is not present in their particular congregation on a Sunday. This meeting has been essential in developing this ministry for the diocese, for consistent training and support, and for leadership development for the lay leaders.

Questions about leadership training events at Cathedral Ridge? Contact the Office of the Bishop >

Colorado Episcopal Service Corps

Adult Events - Episcopal Service Corp
With two chapters up and running–one in downtown Denver and another in the storied mountain town and ranching community of Steamboat Springs, Colorado Episcopal Service Corps is engaging young adults with a compelling program of spiritual formation, Rule of Life, and outstanding opportunities for service and reflection. In the process, Colorado Episcopal Service Corps is tapping into some of the most vibrant communities and churches in the diocese. Corps members in both locations will come together for prayer and retreat time at Cathedral Ridge during the program year.
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